Tecno Mobile, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer is in talks with merging its operations with Infinix Mobile and itel Mobile.

On the condition of anonymity, an official privy to the matter while talking to More News revealed that the sales and marketing team of the three companies will merge together in some selected countries including Pakistan.

The companies will cooperate with one another on operations and marketing while their brand names and identities will remain intact. This teaming up on the ground level will surely increase the understanding of the different companies how the other operates and will eventually increase the efficiency of their sales and marketing teams.

Initially, it is just a test phase to see how the things will go. Normally, in cases like such, we have seen many companies begin the process of merging their operations, a process that ends with the acquisition of a company. Thus, it would not be far-fetched to assume that maybe Tecno will acquire Infinix Mobile in the future and will garner a bigger piece of the pie with a larger market share than before.

Also, at the time of mergers, we have seen many companies getting rid of its many employees as the time necessitates them to simplify their tasks and teams rather than keeping everyone on their positions especially while dealing with more than one companies.

Tecno Mobile made its way into the Pakistani handset industry in April 2017 with the launch of its six new smartphones in the market. At the time of the launch, the company prided itself for performing remarkably good in Africa and in various other countries of the continent.

Following its arrival, the company has launched  Camon CX, Camon CX AirWX3WX4, and Spark Pro smartphones in Pakistan. Infinix, on the other hand, made its debut in the handset industry a few years back and sells its smartphone with the help of online retailers as it failed to create a strong distribution network in the country. Thus, this opportunity might end up being a life-saver for the Infinix mobile and itel mobile.

At this time things are not very clear about this merger but as the time will pass, we’ll hopefully get more details and answers to our questions.