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Tecno isn’t a company that should frighten any rival cell phone manufacturer in Pakistan as of today. The attitude of the Chinese phone maker, as well as the local partner, was a little humble at the time of launch in Lahore when they showcased a couple of smartphones and shared their plans while promised nothing big.

However, it thinks that mobile phone industry in Pakistan is no more similar to what it used to be a couple of years ago. Company’s local partner, United Mobile claimed that there wouldn’t be bigger players anymore and the time to monopolize the market was over.

Ejaz Hassan, Director United Mobiles didn’t pinpoint any particular brand, but he was referring to all the leaders including Samsung and QMobile.

“Market dynamics are changing, and it is not going to be a market for one or two brands only. Now all the brands will take due share”, Hassan stated.

As a part of their strategy, Tecno doesn’t wish to bombard TV screens with their phones in the first phase. They rather plan to learn from the good and bad experiences of homegrown rivals Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi. Peter Chai, Business Development Manager at Tecno, was seemingly impressed with Oppo’s approach of rewarding retailers for selling more phones but avoided to follow a similar path in Pakistan.

Peter Chai
Peter Chai, Business Development Manager-Tecno

“The policy what Oppo follows does not suit us. They spend too much on advertising and branding; however, our priority is different”, Chai said.

“At the beginning, we will not do the heavy marketing just like Huawei, Q and Samsung, but we will be focusing on the digital marketing, BTL and shop branding. In six months, when we launch more models, we will go on TV as well”, Chai added further.

While talking about the global presence, Chai said that his company had performed well in Africa and it was a leading mobile phone brand in various countries of the continent. He believed that Tecno’s products were good and decently priced.

Director United Mobile Ejaz Hassan
Ejaz Hassan, Director United Mobile

On the other hand, Hassan criticized the bigger brands for charging higher prices. He said, “Global brands keep high margins and their products are expensive whereas an average consumer of Pakistan can not afford to buy those phones. That is why Tecno is the right mobile brand for Pakistani market”.

Starting from six models including the Phantom series, Tecno phones will fall in the price range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 40,000 covering lower, middle and upper range phones.

However, commenting on the selling strategy, Hassan stated, “Since past three years we have worked on our retail network. We have the ability to monitor each and every retail shop where Tecno will be available. In the first quarter, our target is to sell 24000 units for which we will be launching from six cities initially and 82 retail outlets”.

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