Tecno Spark Go review: an all-in-one little Android phone

After much silence, Tecno has resurfaced with a bang and the interesting aspect of the recent campaign is that it is not about a big specced phone; instead, the talk of the town is an entry-level device, Tecno Spark Go, available at PKR 13,000

Grabbing this segment of the mobile market means selling a considerable number of phones every month that could translate into a more significant market share which Tecno might snatch away from QMobile, Nokia and other rivals that are either too expensive or too low in features.

The phone has this capacity to lure the audience with its amazing features, and if we could state few of the key selling features, they are;

  • Face unlock
  • AI-based camera
  • Dedicated Gaming Mode
  • Beautiful design with water drop on the front


We haven’t seen the removable back cover lately, but Tecno Spark Go comes with one. It seems a little conventional approach from the company but keeping the design this way, Tecno must have found multiple reasons for keeping the price lower.

Tecno Spark Go Design

The phone has an all-plastic back that, when removed, provides access to a removable battery, dual SIM cards, and a micro USB card slot. There is nothing much on the rear side except for the single-camera setup that can be mistaken as triple-lens formation unless looked closely. The vertical placement of the lens displays primary lens on the top, underneath, an LED flash and an AI cam stamp right below it. The second worth noting feature on the rear is the speaker grille in the bottom area of the phone. 

Tecno Spark Go waterdrop notch Display

On the front, Spark Go offers a 6.1 inches IPS LCD along with a prominent waterdrop notch placed in the top middle position. Although, notches come with different shapes, and phone makers have found various places for them to encircle the front cam; however, it can be removed from the setting area. Tecno’s notch doesn’t irritate much; instead, it provides a bigger area for the graphical content.

On 720 x 1560 screen resolution, the movies, photos, and other stuff look good. Its display capacity in indoors is fantastic; however, on outdoor visits, especially under the sunlight, the display weakens a little, but never it becomes invisible, which is a good sign.


Tecno Spark Go comes with MediaTek Helio A22 Quad-Core chipset along with PowerVR Rouge GE8300 GPU for handling the graphics. Our expectations from this 2018’s chipset were not very high, especially, when this processor get the support from mere 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. 

This extremely low price shouldn’t justify the limited resources since Tecno marketed this phone to inspire the Tiktok makers; however, during our tests, the phone turns out to be a bit of performer. The HiOS and builtin resource-saving apps are nicely optimized. 

Anyone who is used to work with a phone beyond $200 price tag can find it lagging but its a really nice processor for anyone coming straight from a feature phone. That’s where Tecno is selling this phone.

Tecno Spark Go Phone Manager
Home screen, Phone Manager, Freezer app

As I said, the phone’s internals are well optimized, and multitasking on this phone was never an issue. Quick Accelerate and Phone Manager a tap away to further release the resources from existing apps and if you are too much conscious about keeping the RAM and processor load free from certain apps, put them in ‘Freezer’ –  an app usually available on Tecno phones that makes an installed app inactive.

Although the phone comes packed with so many general level games but to our delight, it could play PUBG without a stutter. 

Playing movies, listening to songs and radio was not a problem on this phone. The sound through speaker turned out to be decent enough to reach our ears from far away. For video and songs, it has Google’s default players which most of us don’t like due to lack of certain features. Installing your desired app will eat away the internal memory; therefore, a memory card should come handy and coupled with Freezer, the phone can be kept optimized.

There is a 3000 mAh battery inside to power this little thing which works fine through the day. A heavy usage such as playing lots of games and a consistent 4G connectivity while using social media might shorten the battery life, but that would depend upon the individual usage pattern.


Tecno Spark Go Camera

Tecno Spark Go has a single camera on each side; 8MP lens on the backside and the 5MP sensor on the frontside housed inside the notch. The AI inside is really helpful for taking photos in almost every condition during the day. It can take very acceptable images from both lenses, and AI makes them high in contrast. Images come brighter depending upon how you hold the phone.

Playing with HDR is also fun, especially when facing a light source, but it becomes a little challenging at night as you need to find an excellent ambient light before taping the cam button.

We had a little fun with beauty, bokeh and AR shots. 

Selfies during the day or better lighting conditions are equally acceptable, but at night, one needs to find good light.

Tecno Spark Go can make 1080p videos, and we found the quality audio and video very good in this price category. 

To sum it up, this phone is an all-rounder with a very little price tag. And as I said above, anyone coming straight from a feature phone would find it a lucky deal for this price.

Lahore Museum Picture with auto mode on tecno spark Go
Auto Mode

Lahore Museum Picture with HDR mode on tecno spark Go
HDR Mode

Lahore Museum Picture with 4x Zoom on tecno spark Go
4x Zoom

Picture with Auto Mode on tecno Spark Go
Auto Mode

Picture with Auto Mode on tecno Spark Go
HDR Mode

Plane Picture at day with auto mode on Tecno Spark Go
Auto Mode

Food Street Picture with Auto Mode on Tecno Spark Go
Auto Mode

Picture at night after tapping on the subject
After Tapping on the Subject

Badshahi Mosque Pillar Picture at Night with auto mode on Tecno Spark Go
Auto Mode

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