PSL Final in Pakistan

With the PSL 2017 final just around the corner, Police has shared its security plan for the stadium.

According to Haider Ashraf, DG operations the spectators will be checked at four different points before they will be allowed to enter Qaddafi Stadium. Also, the CNIC cards of everyone will be checked and verified using the biometric identification. Thus, teenagers and people without CNIC need a guardian to watch the match live in the stadium.

The final of Pakistan Super League season 2 will be played in Lahore on March 5th, 2017 and its tickets can be bought online. Due to the recent wave of terrorist attacks the security will be on high alert in the city especially around the stadium.

Around 7000 officers will provide security for PSL final, where 12 SP, 35 DSP, and 84 SHOs will be placed on the entrance route to the stadium.

Moreover, the authority will also place walk through the gate, metal detectors and hounds for additional security around the stadium. Elite forces will also circle the stadium to overview the security situation.

Punjab government has also taken a few further steps to ensure better security at the PSL final. Nashtar Park Complex and marriage halls around the stadium will be shut down from today and will remain closed until after the match.


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