FBR to collect data of Telecom customers

Pakistani telecom companies will now share their customer data with the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR).

Previously telcos were reluctant to share the data of its users but the matter was resolved after the involvement of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), revealed an FBR representative while briefing the Senate Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications about the collection of general sales tax (GST) and withholding tax from the companies.

A specialized software has been developed for this purpose that will help collect biweekly data of telecom customers

Last month, FBR admitted to Senate Standing Committee on Finance that it lacks the ability to collect telecom data from telcos. According to the FBR’s representative, it was complicated for the tax officials to understand the software and data collection of the telecom sector so they only received tax that the companies filed themselves.

Now, owing to the new software, all the four telecom companies will have to share the customer data with the authorities that will help the government to conduct a tax audit.

The committee on Monday also recommended a tax exemption for mobile phone users with only Rs. 500 or less balance in their account.

Senator Shahi Syed, Committee  Chairman also recommended that withholding tax should not be deducted from the telecom cards worth Rs. 100 as they are mostly used by people who belong to the low-income group.

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