Telegram Messenger now lets you edit or delete sent messages

Telegram Messenger features

Telegram Messenger featuresThere are times when you regret sending a message. Sometimes, you mistakenly send a message to a wrong person and then feel very bad. You wish if there was a way to delete the sent message. Telegram messenger has made your wish come true with the latest update of its application. The app now allows you to edit the message even after it has been sent.

If you use Telegram messenger for interacting with your friends, then you can edit the sent messages by tapping on them.

After you complete the editing of a sent message, Telegram automatically marks it as “Updated message,” to let the receiver know of the update. This new feature works for all the conversations made using Telegram messenger including group chat, and private chat.

Telegram Messenger text delete
Screenshot of edited sent message

A similar option is available in Skype and Blackberry Messenger (BBM) as well. But, most of the popular messaging apps including WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE Messenger, and Facebook Messenger do not provide the option to edit or delete a sent message.Telegram messenger clearly states that its mission is to revolutionize the world of text messaging, and the owners of the service claim that they can do this better than anyone out there.

The new function is available on all the smartphone and desktop applications by Telegram.

The Russia-based messaging company already offers many other great features such as Secret Chats, which allows the users to send messages that automatically remove after a few seconds. The company currently has 60 million active users across the world. Users can also choose a new theme or create a new one using Telegram‘s new feature.

Recently, Telegram launched another great feature as well, which allows its users to mention the names of the members in group chat without using their difficult-to-understand usernames. All you need to do for mentioning a person is type the “@” symbol in a chat and select whoever you would like to address from a menu that will be shown automatically. The person will get an alert even if [s]he has muted the group.

  1. Skype has had the ability to edit messages since just after its release in 2006… You may want to correct that miscommunication or at the very least cite a source of this information.

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