Telegram Messenger’s new feature lets you Choose or Create a new Theme

Telegram Messenger

Don’t you just hate to stare at the one boring theme all the time while texting? Good news for Telegram users, they won’t have to go through this ordeal as the latest update in the mobile application provides custom theme support on Android.

The new feature brings in three themes for the users, the Default one (which we all know too well), a Dark theme and a very soothing Blue theme. To change the current theme in Telegram mobile app, go to  Settings > Themes and choose one of your likings.

Telegram Dark Theme
Telegram Dark Theme
Telegram Blue Theme
Telegram Blue Theme

This new feature is available for Android and Desktop applications for now and iOS users have to wait a few weeks. The new feature doesn’t just end there as you can create your own theme as well and share it with others.

Telegram Custom Themes
Creating Custom Themes

Telegram many times has come to our rescue from the boring messaging services. It already has a feature that let us edit or delete sent messages, saving us the embarrassment of sending the wrong message to anyone. The messaging app also features Secret Chats, which allows the users to send messages that automatically remove after a few seconds.

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