Telenor brings mega discounts on its 3G/4G devices and smartphones in its new online sale. Telenor Big Bazaar offers up to 60 percent discounts on various products from 1st till 14th February. (Big Bazar campaign is closed now)

Following are the different deals Telenor is offering on various products in its online sale:

4G Devices

  • 10% discount on 4G Wingle, now priced at Rs. 1799 instead of Rs. 2700
  • 10% discount on 4G MiFi, now priced at Rs. 2699 instead of Rs. 3000

3G Devices

  • 47% discount on 3G Dongle, now priced at Rs. 799 instead of Rs. 1500
  • 60% discount on 3G Wingle, now priced at Rs. 999 instead of Rs. 2500
  • 40% discount on 3G MiFi, now priced at Rs. 2099 instead of Rs. 3500


  • 15% discount on Infinity A smartphone, now priced at Rs. 10999 instead of Rs. 13000
  • 27% discount on Infinity I smartphone, now priced at Rs. 10999 instead of Rs. 13000
  • 26% discount on Infinity E smartphone, now priced at Rs. 6999 instead of Rs. 9500
  • 50% discount on Smart Max, now priced at Rs. 3600 instead of Rs. 7190
  • 43% discount on Smart Zoom smartphone, now priced at Rs. 3000 instead of Rs. 5290

Telenor, who contrary to rumors is not winding up its business in Pakistan and since yesterday is offering an online sale to its customers. The discounts can be availed on the products bought online only.



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