Telenor Digital Festival 2016 hints that company leads digital sphere in Pakistan

Group photo at Telenor Digital Festival 2016
Telenor Team at Telenor Digital Festival 2016

Today, Telenor Digital Festival 2016 celebrated technology and new smart solutions for Smartphone users.  All the technology presented was facilitated by the Telenor to the industry.

This was to help its customers have a better technology experience with Telenor. In the Telenor Digital Festival 2016, a lot of smart solutions were showcased and digital products offered by the company.

Talking on the occasion Deputy CEO of Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan was of the view that time had gone when internet connectivity was a privilege.

Now Internet connectivity in Pakistan has become a common man’s arena. The launch of 3G/4G-LTE has expanded the internet access to millions. Now the internet and digital products and services have brought a revolution in the society.

Irfan Wahab Khan at Telenor Digital Festival 2016
Irfan Wahab Khan addressing the audience

It has also helped in the fast growth of businesses by digitizing them, making technology corridors for teams to collaborate, increase productivity and efficiency as well.

Telenor, they said is not just confined to help businesses grow but is committed to facilitating its customers towards a better digital life. At the festival, the Telenor announced its updated vision, “Empowering Pakistan Through Services and Products.”

Telenor NFC payment solution
NFC payment solution by Telenor Pakistan

The services and products showcased today were about digitizing the life of an ordinary man.

Key Products and Apps in Telenor Digital Festival 2016

Telenor Pocket TV

While you are on the go, Telenor Pocket TV is your news channel. The specialty of this TV is that not only you can watch live-news channels but can also rewind and stream any program you might have skipped due to your busy schedule.

The TV is not limited to news, but famous sports channels are also available on it. Of course, you can rewind and stream them as well. This service will be not only available on smartphones but also on low-end Telenor feature phones which normally do not have the video streaming facility.


Wowbox App Zone at Telenor Digital Festival 2016
Wowbox App Zone

WOW-Box is a lifestyle app or digital distribution service, providing users with engaging content, both regarding up-selling internal product offers, as well as local content from established partners like daily trending news, sports results, in-built games, free music, lifestyle articles, and much more.

This draws user attention and therefore allows Telenor to communicate with its customer base directly through the device. The main feature of this app is to help you knowing about a new city. Once you are at a new place and want to know the trending restaurant there, WOW-Box is the app for you.

You will find the deal of the day, deal of the week and can also book a table in the trending restaurant you are following.

Telenor Capture

Phone hanged, software is unresponsive or a bug, you often need to put the phone on factory data reset. Similarly, sometimes due to phone storage capacity issue, you have to delete pictures as not every smartphone user has a PC/laptop to transfer these.

Telenor has brought a solution for you now. With Telenor Capture, you can upload all the pics automatically to the cloud and retrieve them anywhere anytime.

While you may think that this service is already available through Google on smartphones, the specialty of Telenor Capture is that it offers free 27 GB cloud storage to every Telenor Customer.

Self Care App

While using our phones, we keep subscribing to different paid services and then forget later. Similarly, we are usually shaky about the billing and phone usage statistics as prepaid customers do not get itemized billing.

But from the self-care app, you can know not only the subscribed Valued Added Services and Offers but also details of your phone usage. You can also subscribe and unsubscribe to different services with a click there. In other words, the remote control of services will not be in the hands of Telenor anymore, but yours.

Previously Telenor is leading digital innovation in Pakistan through many famous digital services in Pakistan. These include Voiler, Drama Station, MMS News, Socialive, Telenor Taleem, Telenor Rozgar, Telenor Health, Location Based Advertising and Telenor Shop Alert.

Telenor Easy Paisa has already broken all records of mobile payments in the country and in-fact forced all other telecom operators to offer the similar service later. Telenor Digital Festival 2016 has once again motivated youth to be a part of innovation that can bring ease to the people lives.

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