No, Telenor is not wrapping up its business in Pakistan

Ever since Telenor’s decision of closing 17 company owned service centers has been made public there have been a lot of speculations and rumors about whether the telecom giant is winding up its business in Pakistan. It has now been confirmed that it is nothing more than a tattle-tale.

The company made its decision to shut down it’s wholly owned service centers and replace them with Franchises Walk in Centres. The outcry on the media over Telenor leaving their employees jobless was baseless as the company offered Voluntary  Severance Scheme (VSS) to ensure that they are all treated fairly and with respect.

This is not the first time a company has offered VSS to its employees as at the end of 2016 PTCL and Mobilink-Warid also offered the separation service to its employees as to ensure the well-being of their workers. Many companies internationally while pursuing their company aims and objectives and also responding to the changing industry dynamics use VSS policy.

Telenor Pakistan under its VSS policy is offering a payout of up to seven gross salaries including payment in lieu of notice period, plus other benefits that include medical allowances, in addition to annual bonus (2.25 salaries) and gratuity for eligible employees under the company policy.

The telecommunication giant thinks that with changes in technology and customer demands, they can better serve their users through a Franchise rather than a customer care center, giving more power to the franchises. The company plans to include 289 Franchises Walk-in-Centres and aims to further establish customer experience zones in selected locations across Pakistan.

Telenor is booming in Pakistan with its telecommunications services and also branchless banking service Easypaisa. The company is here to stay and is currently focusing on youth and startup ventures in the country.

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