Telenor Pakistan published its Global Impact Report

Telenor group uncovered its first Global Impact Report quantifying the socio-economic impact of the Group’s contributions in its 13 global markets including Pakistan.

Developed by KPMG, the report was developed based on an economic framework and independent study that assessed a number of economic and social impacts Telenor Group has across the markets in which it directly operates.

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The socio-economic effects captured in this study were categorized into four key aspects namely ‘Driving macroeconomic growth,’ ‘Enabling the wider economy,’ ‘Sustainability in the supply chain’ and ‘Telenor’s contribution in crisis situations.’

Key contributions from Telenor:

Gross Added value:  Telenor Pakistan generated over $1,793 million of GVA (Gross Added Value) for the Pakistani economy in 2015, accounting for 0.7% of Pakistan’s total national GVA in 2015.

Employment: Telenor directly employed 5,405 staff in Pakistan in 2015, and generated an additional 134,300 indirect jobs in Pakistan through its supply chain and a further 46,600 induced jobs linked to employee spending.

Investment: Telenor’s $179m capital investment, and its role in public financing where it made a fiscal contribution of $339 million to the Government of Pakistan through taxes and other regulatory payments including license fees, frequency fees and numbering fees, both in the year 2015.

Financial inclusion: $7.8 billion worth of transactions that were made through the service in 2015, equivalent to 3% of Pakistan’s GDP via Telenor’s own financial service such as Easy paisa.

Digital inclusion: Contribution to boosting entrepreneurship, innovation, and productivity through programs like Opportunity and Telenor Velocity were debated. With respect to enabling the wider economy, Telenor Pakistan’s increased 3G penetration contributed $14,996 million to the country’s GDP.

Gender: Telenor’s initiatives to support and promote gender diversity in Pakistan were also considered.

Supply chain sustainability: Through Telenor’s supply chain sustainability policy, 265,000 people are employed in participating businesses who meet the standards. As of 2015, 1,617 of Telenor Pakistan’s suppliers had signed an Agreement of Responsible Business Conduct (ABC). Thereby agreeing to abide by Telenor’s supply chain principles, which also means that employees of these suppliers benefit from working conditions that are in line with the high standards required by Telenor’s supply chain sustainability policy.

Sharing his thoughts on the development, Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan, said, “We are pleased to launch Telenor Group’s first Global Impact Report that captures our contributions to the Pakistani economy and society. At Telenor Pakistan, we have always been here to provide more than just telecom services; we use our core competencies to empower the societies we operate in and change lives for the better.”

He further added that the contribution will help Telenor Pakistan devise better strategies for socio-economic development, and keep an informed track of our contributions as they have now been made quantifiable for the first time.


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