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Telenor Pakistan has announced that it is going to be the first telecom operator in Pakistan to shift on cloud infrastructure completely.

The announcement was made during a Telenor 4G conference that was held in Islamabad.

Through this cloud-based transformation, Irfan Wahab, the CEO of the Norwegian based giant, vowed that Telenor is in a better position to offer digital services which are mature and not half cooked, maybe he was referring to the rival Jazz’s VEON app which was launched a few weeks back.

telenor pakistan 4g conference
CMO Bilal Kazmi speaks while CEO Irfan Wahab and CTO Khurram Ashfaque observe

The speakers mentioned that Telenor’s 70% network is 3G enabled and 30% has the tendency to serve 4G customers. It plans to upgrade 70% of the network to support 4G next year. So far Telenor Pakistan has rolled out 3000 LTE sites across more than 110 cities in the country.

“Every working hour, Telenor Pakistan is deploying a 4G cell site”, told Khurram Ashfaque, Chief Technology Officer

The whole focus and strategy of Telenor Pakistan is to build the information highway that could trigger the digital transformation of the country in a real way.

“Railway was the first revolutionary step that changed the entire world, and we wish our 4G technology to play the same role today for Pakistan”, said Irfan Wahab.

Chief Marketing Officer, Bilal Kazmi mentioned that the team of Telenor Pakistan has been talking to its customers for last four months and asking them what they wanted to become in their lives. What we witnessed that Pakistanis were full of passion and energy, and they wanted to do many things in life, but somehow the social burden and limitation were not letting them do what they wished.

“The response to “Jo Har Pakistani Chahey” tagline was amazing. Without a marketing campaign, we could gather 2 million likes and 1.7 million impressions that shows the passion of Pakistanis”, revealed Bilal.

All three speakers summed up the future strategy of the company which is to become the voice of Pakistanis with the help of Telenor’s much enhanced 4G services.

Some key statements from the speakers at the event were;

  • We are the only company to offer an entire cloud solution with the help of our partners Nokia and ZTE.
  • It is the only company in Pakistan that has the real LTE band, 850 Mhz, which is considered best for 4G services all over the world, and it also gives 20% advantage while the signals penetrate into the building better than others.
  • It will initiate 4.5G network rollout to cater the ever growing needs of the customers
  • Only deploying cells sites is not the science behind giving excellent services. Multiple bands play roles, and we have four bands to support our 3G, 4G, Voice and other services.
  • We had 5000 KM optical fiber in 2013-14 to support our network. So far it has grown 12,500 KM in length in just three years time. Every year we are laying 1000 to 1500 KM of the fiber optic.
  • Telenor Easypaisa will close the year 2017 with a transactional value equivalent to 4% of the GDP of Pakistan.
  • Telenor Pakistan has invested $3.5 billion so far, and it is the largest tax contributor among the telcos.

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