After Zong and Warid, another telecom operator in Pakistan is going to launch the 4G-LTE services in coming days. The second largest telecom company, Telenor Pakistan has successfully received the 4G license from the authorities.

Telenor users, who were desperately waiting for Telenor’s 4G internet service, will enjoy the state-of-the-art communication services and excited 4G internet packages very soon. The company is already offering 3G internet service to its customers.

According to the reports, the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication Anusha Rahman handed over the 850 MHz frequency spectrum license to Telenor Pakistan, which successfully won the bid. The company is now the third 4G-LTE operator in Pakistan.

As per details, Anusha Rahman handed over the license of 850 MHz to Telenor Pakistan’s CEO Michael Foley at a ceremony held at the IT Ministry. The telecom company has acquired the technology neutral 850MHz spectrum license at the base price of $395 Million.

The Ministry of IT appreciated the efforts of the Telenor Pakistan for participating in all the three spectrum auctions held in the last twelve years.

Anusha Rahman said that Telenor’s 4G would bring the high-speed Internet connectivity in the remote areas of the country. The step will bring new opportunities for the citizens.

On this occasion, CEO Telenor Pakistan, Michael Foley said, “The commitment of Telenor is to support Pakistan’s efforts to become a digitally developed nation. Driven by our vision of empowering societies, the building of our success to date is based a simple realization: mobile communication, financial services, and the internet are not luxury goods for the few – they are for everyone.”

The newly appointed Chief Executive of Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan, told that the company will start offering 4G services to its customers within the next few months.

It is important to mention here that the 3G-4G spectrum which was left unsold in the Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) auction in 2014 was auctioned in 2016 with complete transparency. In this auction, only one telecom operator (Telenor) participated.