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What’s your dream job made of? Is it workplace culture that you’re more drawn to? Or is it attractive remuneration with perks and benefits that fit your definition of a perfect job?

Maybe, you gravitate more to a career that offers great exposure to innovative and progressive work than anything else. Or, like many, you consider job security to be the most important factor when looking for a prospective employer?

Your priorities may vary, but your impression that most of the jobs don’t come with all the boxes checked may be something that you share with thousands of other professionals and jobseekers.

Telenor Award

But, lucky for you, there are employers in Pakistan who prove your opinion of a dream job being an illusion utterly wrong.

Enter Telenor Pakistan, the country’s second-largest cellular and digital services provider that has received awards from the Pakistan Society of Human Resources Management (PSHRM) on several occasions,, and HR Metrics for its workplace culture, diversity & inclusion.

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Telenor Pakistan’s innovative approach to work, enabling and inclusive workplace culture, exposure to a worthwhile working experience that’s full of constant learning and mentorship, and work that matters for the country’s socioeconomic development, are the key pillars on which the company stands strong as Pakistan’s favorite employer.

Innovation in products, culture & vision

telenor Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan has a clear vision of social empowerment by means of digital and financial inclusion of the masses, which also reflects in the company’s mission and its employees’ passion for work.

Since its inception, Telenor Pakistan had led the ICT-powered digital revolution in the country, pioneering products and services to serve the large underserved segments and build a digital ecosystem that would bring the country at par with the global community in terms of innovation in digital technology for empowering people.

To bank the huge unbanked population of Pakistan, the telecom company introduced Pakistan’s first branchless banking product Easypaisa, financially including millions of countrymen who had no access to a formal financial service.

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To help farmers improve their yield, Telenor brought the country’s first mobile agriculture (mAgri) service Khushal Zamindar which today is used by over a million farmers nationwide.

Foreseeing how the future lives would be intrinsically connected to our everyday gadgets, Telenor became the first mover of Internet of Things (IoT) in Pakistan introducing such amazing products as Companion Watch and Telenor Automate

Why are there so many industry-first initiatives under Telenor’s hat? Innovation in the work culture is the answer. From internal incubator program Ignite to digital accelerator program Velocity, from app development contest Apportunity to international collection of the brightest solutions to everyday life through technology in the annual Youth Forum, Telenor Pakistan has embedded innovation into its DNA and its workforce is proud to be a part of this amazing journey.

Enabling & inclusive workplace culture

Telenor Pakistan workspace

In the past 12 years, Telenor Pakistan has earned itself the status of the country’s preferred employer and achieving this milestone doesn’t usually come easy. But with a clear vision and values like Telenor’s, developing and maintaining an inclusive workplace is a feat that each and every employee contributes their best to.

It’s with their continuous support and unflinching commitment to the organizational values that Telenor has been recognized as the best place to work on many platforms at multiple occasions.

In addition to an open working environment where people encouraged to help and get help from anyone at any time, Telenor offers its employees the work-from-home option in case they can’t make it to work.

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When it comes to facilitating female employees, the company goes the extra mile offering them flat 6 months of paid maternity leave, an in-house daycare center for their kids, at-work driving classes and license acquisition, and much more. The company makes its employees at home so they perform better and reach career goals in a more structured manner.

Telenor Pakistan is also sensitive about including persons with physical disabilities in the professional streamline so nothing holds them back when it comes to contributing to their country’s socioeconomic development.

Through its Open Mind program, Telenor trains talented people who have physical disabilities to be an active part of the corporate culture and places them within and outside Telenor Pakistan. Through its Naya Aghaaz program, Telenor Pakistan also trains women who wish to get back to work after a career break.

Working with & learning from the industry’s best

Telenor Pakistan workplace

Telenor employees enjoy a career that’s filled with continuous learning and an invaluable international exposure. The company takes pride in being the leading talent exporter to other global chapters as well as to the Telenor Group.

For professional looking to work for an employer who serves as a stepping stone for them to have an international career leading to better rewards and good career progression and trajectory, Telenor Pakistan offers a perfect place.

Telenor hosts an array of diverse in-house trainings and skill enhancement programs, many of which are conducted and moderated by international resources. With the mentoring opportunities given to them coupled with the employee ownership of their own development plan, employee growth experience is enhanced.

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Opportunity to work in teams composed of international resources from diverse nationalities and cultures, and the prospects of going on international long-term or short-term assignments are some added advantages for Telenor employees.

While every working day at Telenor has some level of international exposure to it as teams from Telenor’s all 13 global markets are constant coordination in one way or the other, the exposure is furthered by forums like the internal incubator Ignite where Telenor Pakistan employees compete with the company’s other international resources.

Professional fulfillment through meaningful work

No matter what the job or how lucrative the perks, it all comes down to the sense of professional fulfillment at the end of the day. If you have all what your dream job is composed of except meaningful work, you can’t last long in that position and will eventually look for other options.

Employees at Telenor Pakistan are driven by their passion for making a positive socioeconomic impact, a trait that comes from the company’s vision of empowering societies.

The key reason how the company continues to make substantial contributions to Pakistan’s development, as also recently revealed in the Global Impact Report, is Telenor employees and their satisfaction that what they’re doing is empowering their own society in various ways.

Being a part of such impactful social empowerment and inclusion initiatives as Easypaisa and Khushal Zamindar, and working for an organization whose philosophy is engrained in empowering the masses and bringing the country on the global map of innovation through digitization of everyday life, makes Telenor employees happier and more productive. This gives all the more reason to prospective employees to join Telenor Pakistan and enjoy a rewarding and meaningful career.


  1. I would like to reply to the favourism comment which is wrong secondly it is coming from an ex employee so it is quite evident

  2. Paid publicity, being an ex-employee i can say withiut doubt that favourism is the culture that prevails in the whole organization. Everyone is dragged into the conpany politics and HR is like Mamnoon Hussain of Telenor.

  3. This might be true few years back but now in most of the departments friends & family culture is prevailing. From hiring to promotion there are hundreds of examples where you will find this and if some one has doubts they can check through some secret survey. People had been throw out of organization due to personal disliking’s using “Below Expectation” tool. Entire culture has changed after the introduction of this tool because people stopped questioning fearing being rated as “Below Expectation”. I am part of Telenor since early days and I witnessed even BIG guns shown outside door using this tool because they were vocal and challenging. In my view as now we have majority of local management we should openly review things. As on ground people are not being taken care but they are pushed…..word of thought not criticism!!!

    • I would agree to some to the things and differ on some. Yes things may not be the same, but they’re never supposed to stay the same. Times change, technologies change, customer needs change, organizational life cycles change, ways of doing business change and of course environment and culture change. When companies do great, there is automatically good environment, confidence and passion which is oozing out – but when businesses mature, growth has to be earned with serious hard work – things don’t remain as seamless. Some become more focused, some become confused – none of which is a product of culture – but a driver IF ONLY organization will let it. Telenor for one, is still out there, strong and standing tall in terms of a good company to work for, with values and a great culture.That there are instances of unfair treatment to some is a matter of human error in an otherwise good system – hat there are terminations is a matter of inevitability in life cycle. so whats actually happening? telenor fires some, of course theres backlash, no one likes it, no one wants to see that – but thats not culture. or for that matter no org. culture in the world guarantees there wont be terminations. then theres those “used to work at telenor” and their version of how bad things are. i know people who quit telenor and rue the decision. its just that they dont publicly talk about that. and that makes sense: we want to reassure ourselves that the decision was great so lashing back is easy, owning up to mistake is not.

      of course those that are part of the company today are best judges on the whole not individually, but if we study the corporate life cycles, this is very much understandable and normal.

  4. ive heard a lot about telenor and people talking about its benefits and working environment. good to have companies like telenor that offer so many things. hope and pray that our economy grows to have more foreign and local companies come in and offer employment and good oppertunities. it will be great for the job seeking youth

  5. I think the market of cell phone is saturated and even such powerful technologies will not have considerable effects


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