Tesla Smartphone Concept

YouTube Channel, Concept Creator released a video of what could be Tesla’s first ever smartphone. Although this is merely speculation, this video is already breaking the internet with positive reviews and is also causing vivid reactions among people.

The video does not contain any specifications of the device and merely speculates on what the smartphone’s design could be.

The device, although is yet imaginary, will be running an Android OS if Tesla decides to go on with this project. The design looks cool enough to attract users to buy it.

The front panel has extremely thin side bezels and the device appears to be curved on the sides. The back side of this handset also comes with a slightly curved shape and the phone features a metal frame and a piece of glass on the back.

The phone appears to have a dual camera setup that is vertically aligned that allows the Tesla logo to beautifully blend in on the back of this phone.

It also appears that this device will feature a set of front-facing speakers, and an alert slider on the left-hand side of the phone, right below its two volume buttons.

What’s interesting is that the alert slider appears to be quite similar to OnePlus’ and it seems to be made out of metal. A power/lock is also present on the right side of this smartphone as you would expect it to be.

A 3.5mm headphone jack along with a Type-C USB port can be found on the bottom of the device. This Tesla smartphone will feature Android 8.0 Oreo, and from the looks of it may come in three different colors as shown in the video.

These speculations rose as earlier this week Tesla released it’s first ever smartphone accessory that can charge Android and iPhone devices on the go. But the company has not yet revealed any sign of developing its own smartphone.

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