TEVTA starts driving course for cars, trucks and motorcycles

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TEVTA driving course

Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) is introducing its driving course this month. The registration for the new program is now open and people have till today to apply for various courses.

Motorcycle and Car Driving Course

The duration of this course is three weeks where students will learn how to drive a car or a motorcycle. The eligibility criteria include 18 years of age and they should know how to read and write.

LTV/HTV Driving Course

This course stretches for a longer period of time where students will learn how to drive LTV or HTV vehicle in two months. The eligibility criteria to apply for this course includes 21 years of age and they should know how to read or write.

By introducing this dynamic program, TEVTA wants to help the youth drive a car or truck for future employment opportunities.

Students during their time at the institution will receive training to drive a vehicle and learn the traffic rules and regulation. Afterward, they will be awarded a driving license that can help them in finding employment.

This course is not gender specific and both men and women can participate to learn how to drive.

TEVTA will be offering its new course in only three of its training centers initially and hopefully expand it to other cities of Pakistan.