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Not everyone uses Android’s default SMS app. Due to its very basic and limited features, most of the people are moving towards third-party SMS apps on their smartphones. Third-party apps are handy and come with a lot of functions that default app does not offer.

For example, you wouldn’t find a blacklist feature in the default app which most of the other mobile apps offer these days. Play Store has tons of such apps but today we are talking about an SMS app which is designed with love, in Pakistan.

Texter SMS Pro is a first fully featured Pakistani SMS app. The app is developed by a Lahore-based software company, Wise.

Features of Texter SMS Pro

Texter SMS Pro version 1.0.1b is available on the Play Store. The app size is 9.4 MB, which is a bit larger than other messaging apps. The layout of this app is based on Google’s material design, and there are different colors for each of the threads.

On the main screen of the app, you can see all your conversations. An icon with “+” sign appears on the lower left corner of the app. Tap it to send a text message or multimedia message to one of your contacts. You can also select the number from the Call Log.

Texter SMS Pro app screenshots

There are other options as well, which are discussed below:

Private Inbox:

Want to start a conversation with a secret friend and you want to keep this conversation as secure as possible? Then this feature is for you!

Go to Private Inbox and set a PIN code by tapping “Create pin box” option. You also need to type your Email Address, so that in case you forget your PIN code, you can get it easily on your email address.

Once registered, you can start the private conversation with anyone, and the messages from these chats will appear in your private inbox, which is accessible only after entering the PIN.

SMS & Call Blocker:

Most of the messaging apps allow you to block text messages only, but this Pakistani SMS app not only allows you to block SMSs but calls as well. If someone is annoying you by calling or sending spam texts, you can add his/her number in this blacklist by touching the “+” icon.

SMS Scheduler:

Is today the birthday of your loved one and you fear that you will forget to greet him/her on time? With SMS Scheduler, stop worrying about time! Just schedule an SMS about anything and the message will be delivered to the recipient according to the schedule you set. To use this feature, launch Texter SMS Pro and go to SMS Scheduler from the menu.

SMS Backup:

Never worry about losing your precious SMS messages while changing your smartphone. With Texter SMS Pro installed on your phone, you can backup all your SMS messages into your MicroSD card or phone’s internal memory. You can even backup directly to your Google Drive cloud storage.

If you like Texter SMS Pro, you can purchase the ad-free version of this app by going to Settings-> Purchase App.


Texter SMS app is overall a great messaging app with a lot of useful features. And the best thing is that it is a Pakistani made stuff. We should encourage Wise Team for developing such helpful apps. Texter SMS Pro is not lower in quality if we compare it with the international apps in the same category. It can compete with Textra, ChompSMS, GoSMS Pro etc.

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