TiE Lahore chapter event

Alternate Energy is considered to be the most sought option now a days. Energy is the backbone of any country and Without it, the country may collapse and drift into huge crises. To address this issue and seek an alternative of energy, TiE Lahore Chapter, a non-profit organisation fostering entrepreneurship worldwide on Friday hosted an event on Innovation in Energy-IOT at Royal Palm.

The Panel, including startup Wattie, Pakshine, and Jaan Pakistan mulled over the energy alternate and also discussed their venture. Wattie is a smart energy monitor which is installed in electricity distribution box. It connects to the internet and sends real-time energy consumption data to our back-end infrastructure where the data is processed, and deep, actionable insights are generated which can be translated into tangible benefits.

Pakshine is a LUMS-based startup that has developed a product that can convert any existing UPS into a solar hybrid UPS to make solar energy affordable for wider market segments. Jaan Pakistan is a social startup with a mission to provide affordable energy solutions to low-income communities.

A senior executive of OPCOL, Nadeem Babar was the keynote speaker for the program.

Masroor Khan was the moderator for the event who is connected to the financial sector for the past 25 years. He has been credited with a number of large projects leading to the development of high-quality products and services were undertaken and completed.

The moderator for the panel was Attique Ahmed.  The event added value towards possible solutions towards the energy crisis.

Humayun Mazhar, President TiE Lahore Chapter shared the future roadmap for the chapter. The event ended on high note with active participation from the relevant industry, startups, incubators and accelerators.

TiE Lahore Chapter was founded in 2002 with the efforts of Syed Babar Ali. TiE Lahore focuses on fostering the entrepreneurial culture among the young generation. It also provides mentoring and coaching to new entrepreneurs and organises discussion forums for various entrepreneurship ideas.


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