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With only two weeks left till we bid farewell to 2016, let’s be joyous for all the crazy tech that we are going to see in the coming year. So to welcome 2017, here is a list of the most anticipated tech which will be launched next year:

Apple’s next iPhone

IPhone 2017 tech

Next year the company will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its flagship smartphone with the release of iPhone 8 (or maybe iPhone 7s). The new iPhone is rumored to be completely different and can ditch the traditional Home button and maybe add a curved display. It is also rumored to include the A11 chip built on 10nm process technology, making the chip even faster and more energy-efficient.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 2017 tech

With the epic fail that the company had to face due to Galaxy Note 7 this year, Samsung is said to have gone all in with latest tech especially when it comes to Galaxy S8. Several reports suggest that the smartphone may include a nearly bezelless design and removal of the Home button.

It has also been reported that Samsung will introduce a fingerprint reader and optical sensor that lives beneath the display. Other reports claim that Samsung may also follow Apple and ultimately ditch the headphone jack. We expect to see the Galaxy S8 in late February or early March though it’s usually announced at the Mobile World Congress trade show.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo created quite a buzz when it unveiled its upcoming game console “Nintendo Switch,” as the tech has never been seen before. This hybrid machine is a tablet with two detachable controllers on either side that can be used individually or attached to the screen. The Switch also has a docking station for the gamers who want to play on their TV.

Here is the First Look trailer of the console:

Surface Pro 5

Surface Pro 5 2017 tech

The Surface fans were disappointed as Surface Pro 5 was a no-show at Microsoft’s October event this year but we can expect to see a new model in 2017. There haven’t been many rumors surfacing but the Pro 5 will most probably be equipped with a new seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor from Intel and also some have speculated that Microsoft may add a USB Type-C port to the Pro 5, much like Apple’s new MacBook Pro.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update 2017 tech

Microsoft is said to release a new free update for Windows 10 in early 2017. Windows 10 Creators Update will focus on new creativity and gaming experiences and will include a new version of Paint for creating and sharing 3D objects. There’s also a built-in feature, called Beam, for broadcasting your gaming experiences to the world. In short, the new windows update will be there to enhance the user experience of creators and gamers all over the world.

The next Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 2017 tech

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burned up in 2016, but the company hasn’t given up on its phablet (yet). While it may not be called the Galaxy Note 8 (Samsung previously released a tablet with the name), we can fully expect Samsung to release a large, stylus-equipped phone in 2017.

Microsoft Project Scorpio

Microsoft Project Scorpio 2017 tech

Microsoft is building what it claims will be “the most powerful console ever.” Codenamed Project Scorpio, the new video game machine will have a terrifying 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, true 4K gaming, and will be compatible with existing Xbox One games and accessories. Microsoft has said that Project Scorpio will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Pixel 3 laptop

Pixel 3 2017 tech

Google is believed to be working on a 12.9-inch laptop-tablet hybrid that would run Andromeda, a new operating system that would combine features from both Android and Chrome OS. The device is rumored to carry the Pixel name, quite possibly Pixel 3, and could arrive sometime in the third quarter of 2017.

Surface Phone

Surface Phone 2017 tech

Microsoft has already impressed us all with its Surface line of computers, and maybe we can see the long-rumored Surface Phone in 2017. It’s quite a possibility especially following Microsoft’s announcement that it plans to support ARM-based processors, such as the Snapdragon 820, in Windows 10 starting in 2017.

Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 2017 tech

Google had previously planned to release an update to its wearable platform this past fall, but the company ended up delaying the release of Android Wear 2.0 until 2017. The new software promises to streamline the overall Android Wear experience by including things like making it easier to use, building better support for third-party apps and improving compatibility with iPhones.

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