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The online survey development company, SurveyMonkey, has just released the list of most used apps on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The company revealed the names of the apps and the games that most of the people downloaded and used in the first half of this year.

According to SurveyMonkey, the apps that people download are not necessarily the most used apps. Most of the people download an app but never use it. That is why the company decided to include most downloaded as well as most used apps in this study.

The list features the names of the 30 most downloaded software, here we will discuss only the essential apps and games.

The survey revealed that Facebook remained the most used app in the first six months of 2016. The app has crossed 136.3 million monthly active users, followed by YouTube with 134.8 million monthly active users.

Around 120.4 million users are active on Facebook’s Messenger app, and it has secured the third position in the list of most used apps and games. Google Maps is standing at the fourth position and helping more than 105 million people monthly in finding different places and locations. Almost 88.4 million users use Instagram on a monthly basis to share their selfies and videos.

WhatsApp is not in the list of first five most used apps

Amazingly, WhatsApp is not in the list of top five most used apps. It is at the 25th number, with 22.7 million users. Moreover, as we reported earlier that the users of Twitter are declining, the study of SurveyMonkey says that the app is standing at the 17th number, and only 35.1 million people are actively posting stuff on this social network.

Another interesting thing to note is that the Canadian instant messaging service, Kik has surpassed the downloads of Skype. Kik was downloaded 13.1 million times while the only 10.2 million people downloaded Skype and it is at 29th number in this list.

most used apps graph in details
Image Credit: SurveyMonkey

As we can see from the survey, the social networking apps are leading the list of most downloaded apps and games. It is no surprise that Facebook’s both apps, i.e., Messenger and Facebook are the top most used and downloaded apps and their¬†users are growing at an ever-increasing speed.

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