iNew Mini 1 mobile

Does it bother you to keep sliding in and out your hefty smartphone in your pocket every time you get a call or a text message? A Bluetooth wouldn’t let you send text messages…so what’s the solution?

iNew is soon to bring its latest Mini 1 in Pakistan that will help you take care of this trouble. iNew Mini 1 is not a smartphone, but actually an assistant to your smartphone. It is your new small friend that allows you to keep your precious smartphone inside your pocket and use this mini mobile phone to do all the tasks – if calls and texts matter the most to you.

iNew Mini 1 is a simple, sleek & stylish cell phone which is equal in size to a credit card. You can control your smartphone and make calls and SMS with this mini mobile phone. It connects to your expensive smartphone via Bluetooth. The anti-theft feature quickly notifies you once your smartphone is out of range.

iNew Mini 1 Bluetooth

It also takes 1 micro-SIM card and can be used as a regular phone.

With the increase in the crime rate of mobile phone snatching in Pakistan, people are facing psychological issues. They are afraid to take out their smartphones on the roads. In a city like Karachi, the mobile phone snatching has become a serious issue, and people have to deal with it on a daily basis. 

If the people use iNew Mini 1 while walking on the road or travelling, the chance is that they will not lose their expensive smartphone in case of any crime. They will only lose the cheap mini mobile phone.

What iNew Mini 1 has inside?

This little cute mobile phone comes with Bluetooth, USB Charging, Earphone Dock. It can store up to 300 phonebook contacts. 320mAh Lithium Polymer battery fuels this phone and gives the standby timing of up to 96 hours. Don’t try to compare this battery to a regular mobile phone as iNew Mini 1 has everything so small inside that such a battery is seemingly more than enough.

Although it uses your smartphone to establish calls and other services, the phone can also operate on its own on GSM Quad-Band 900 / 1800/ 850 / 1900 MHz if you insert a MicroSIM inside it.

You can also give this cheap mini phone to your children, and they will surely love it and even if they throw it hard on the floor, what you have to lose eventually?

iNew Mini 1 features some essential apps i.e., Calculator, Alarm Clock & Timer. It can also display simple JPEG pictures.

iNew Mini 1 Pakistan

It weighs just 30 grams and comes in stylish White, Green, Yellow, Blue & Black color choices. The phone is not yet put on sale by iNew but it is going to be in the market soon with an expected price is 2,000 PKR only.

About iNew

Chinese smartphone manufacturing company Shenzhen ChuangXinQi Communication Co, Ltd has recently hit the Pakistani market with its iNew brand. The focus of the brand is to design high-quality, unique feature phones and Android-based smartphones.



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