Top Online Darzi Stores in Pakistan for all your Fashion Needs

In Pakistan, Darzis (tailors) have always been a reason to stress ladies because of their delays. Sometimes they do not make the exact design you have imagined, they even give a minor panic attack by misplacing the dress or they always get short of fabric.

Well, as we see the cyber trends have advanced, where even the Pakistani tailors have joined the digital age by going digital themselves to let you enjoy the facility of Darzis best in their style online.

Get your clothes home-picked and home-delivered whenever you want and in whatever style you want. So, stop getting upset over the traditional darzis and join the world of online Darzi stores at your service.

Here is a combined list of versatile online Darzi stores all over in Pakistan:

Darzi Store

Darzi StoreThis online Darzi store is one of the pioneers of the hip trend. The amazing online store is located in Lahore where you can order your favorite designs online according to the stitching you want.

They offer versatility in their designs according to different events like marriages, birthday parties, Eid, promotion parties etc. Their customers are satisfied and happy with their service. You can visit the page of Darzi store and place your order on Facebook as well as their website.

Mamoo in Pakistan

Mamoo in PakistanAs the name of the online site brings out a hue of fun and tradition, their services depict the same essence of culture. It is a web portal operated by

They make tailoring process easy for women facilitating them with customized dresses for various occasions. Mamoo in Pakistan is scattered in 140 cities of Pakistan. The key features of the online store are quality and customer reliability.

Darzi Online

Darzi OnlineDarzi online is an E-tailor site located in Lahore which has categories and sub-categories of clothing options both for males and females.

Depending upon your desired choices of clothing their rates rank from RS/- 650 to 1550 that are tagged on the listed clothing schemes. This web portal just not serves Pakistanis but its services are worldwide.

Darzi Express

It is another personalized and contemporary Karachi-based pickup and home delivery tailoring service that begins and ends in the comfort of your own home.It guarantees you that you would never have to move back and forth around the typical darzis always weeping about less fabric.

They promise to deliver the clothes in 48 hours offering reasonable rates ranging from Rs/-500-2000 providing cloth stitching service that offers their customer the reliability to trust tailors again.

Apna Darzi

Apna DarziApna Darzi is another pioneer of the online Darzi trend. They specialize in providing high-quality stitching with state of the art auto trimming service.

They ensure about the budget-friendly rates of stitching and keeping care of your favorite garments. They also provide home picking and home delivering services like the above mentioned.


DarziDarzi is a developed online service located in Johar Town, Lahore. They facilitate with the stitching of every age and size ensuring finest quality with comfortable rates. Their clients show a vibrant response following the work of Darzi.

Mr. Darzi

Mr DarziAn online tailoring store based in Karachi that offers to stitch of your desire and design. They can sew Pakistani and Indian dresses with neat stitch and shape.

They periodically introduce discount offers for their customers. You can get your order in 10 days while paying on delivery. They are planning to branch out on different cities soon.

Smart Darzi

Smart DarziSmart Darzi is located in Peshawar which is quite responsive towards its customers providing home based amenities of various clothing styles at affordable price rates.

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