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Startups are making waves in the country for quite some time now. Not only do we see the nation promoting this concept, but also welcoming new startups every now and then. From Mangobaaz to Patari, we have seen them bring the much-needed convenience in various aspects of everyday life. Just like that, the automotive industry is not far behind.

We have come across quite a lot of names that stand out in the startup landscape offering automotive services in Pakistan. Here’s our list of startups whose services stand out in the field.


AutoX is one of the online automotive services in Pakistan that seems to be the one-stop shop for all your automobile needs. Not only that, one of the services that this startup offers is car repair. So, if it’s an accessory you are looking for or wanting to customize your vehicle, AutoX has you covered.

To make it more convenient for the customers, it allows online shopping as well as make orders via Whatsapp and the site retains all the relevant information about your car and purchase history.

Registered users can also set up car checkups, maintenance trips, and accessory upgrades without any hassle. From installations to discounts to free shipping over Rs 1000, Auto X has it all.


CarFirst is a fairly recent entrant in Pakistan’s automotive startup scene. However, it is already making waves as it landed the highest Series A funding in Pakistani startup.

Usually mistaken for an online classified portal similar to that of PakWheels and Carmudi, CarFirst is an online trading platform that buys used cars from individual sellers.

Their unique business model promises a hassle-free process for used car sellers who can sell their vehicle, with full payment made within a couple of hours.

One Step Solutions

This is a revolutionary startup as we advance into the new world of technology within the automotive industry.

One Step Solutions allow people to completely change the way they control their cars along with real-time monitoring of all the gauges in your car. It is redefining innovation in the automotive world with smarter cars around the world.


AutoExpert is a mobile-workshop that is a one of a kind that Instead of customers having to go to the workshop, this startup brings the workshop to them. Its CEO Yasir Jamal Ahmed aims to help the executive class and maintain their vehicles.

Not only that, the company provides full reports on a handy mobile application with the help of its qualified and trained technicians.

AutoExpert is all about bringing ease to car care by allowing customers to maintain their vehicles at all times without ever stepping out of their homes.


Car maintenance being a major headache for most people has been the cause of under-maintained cars in the country but now the automotive services in Pakistan are making it easier for us to efficiently solve this issue. CARger is an online platform to book home service for car maintenance in Karachi.

It is a web and mobile app that facilitated the car owners in finding credible car mechanics at the convenience of just being at home. It is all about quality and easy solutions for your vehicle and the services, repairs, and maintenance that it needs.

It aims to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for automobiles and related services in Pakistan’s largest metropolis.

Auto Genie

Auto Genie is a car repair service which has been funded by PakWheels and after Lahore, it aims to tap it into the Karachi and Islamabad markets.

If you don’t know what to do when your car is acting up, then all you have to do is dial the AutoGenie’s hotline and let them know what it is. The rest will be handled accordingly by the Genies at AutoGenie.

Not only that, just like most start-ups regular car maintenance services can be scheduled from the comfort of your home.

Saleha Nazar is a guest author at More News

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