Toyota Corolla 12th Generation to Launch this Week

The launch of the new Toyota Corolla Sedan is just around the corner. The company invites us to mark our calendars on November 16, the date on which the new Corolla Sedan will be introduced at the Guangzhou Motor Show.

Toyota has big ambitious plans for this new model as they want to tackle the likes of Honda Civic. Although the 11th generation Corolla did well for the company, many corolla fans shifted towards Civic due to its superior design and more modern interior.

Even though Toyota is being very discreet when it comes to disclosing information about the new Toyota Corolla Sedan. The prototypes that perform road tests are densely camouflaged, however, it is clear that it will keep a close technical and mechanical relationship with the Corolla hatchback body, launched earlier.

The interior of the recently launched Toyota Corolla Hatchback.

As per the Toyota officials, the company has worked hard to rival the other manufacturers. The car is going to feature more modern look, sleek design, stylish interior, technological advancement, and integrated controls.

The car is reportedly going to make use of the TNGA platform of Toyota and will share technological endowment so that different cars use the same spare and engine parts. With its introduction, the Corolla family will have three variants: Hatchback, Touring Sports (Family) and Sedan.

Presently in Pakistan, Corolla is in the 11th generation and the company introduced its facelift back in 2016 while minor changes in 2018. How soon the 12th generation will feature in the country? Most probably in the mid of the year 2020. Stay tuned with More News, to get the latest coverage about the new upcoming generation of Toyota Corolla.

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