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One of the most popular car brand, Toyota Corolla, has gone through a complete design change. The all-new 12th generation Corolla is not like its predecessor in any manner as the company has answered most of the concerns of consumers with a revamped, state of the art vehicle.

If you have ever sat in a Corolla, get ready for a surprise as it will be a totally new car. A proper overhauled design after lingering of almost 16 years.

Toyota’s New Global Architecture

The sedan shares the Toyota newly devised system, otherwise known as TNGA which makes the car share its engine and some body parts with the other vehicles on a platform, such as Camry, Avilion, and Prius and CH-R.

TNGA not only help the company to save the cost but also provides customers with the ease in adapting different Toyota’s models.

A Quieter Cabin

No doubt the car looks more stylish and robust than the previous generation but its the cabin that deserves a mention here.

Toyota cars especially the ones we have in Pakistan, are notorious to be loud while transmitting all the road noise into the cabin of the car. Thanks to TNGA, the problem is rectified to give consumers a silent and comfortable drive.

More Sleek, More Sporty

Most Pakistanis prefer Toyota Corolla over Honda Civic any day due to its soft suspension that suits our roads and low maintenance. However, the latest Civic is way more modern, feature packed and stylish compared to 11th gen corolla which was the major concern for Toyota.

Toyota did a marvelous job to compete against its rivals. The new Toyota Corolla is slightly shorter, smaller and flashy.

The driver seat is now lowered but not in an uncomfortable way which will provide a driver with sportier kind of position helpful in driving at 120km/h speed.

What else?

All new 12th generation Toyota Corolla has packed most of the available features in the market, enhancing the safety and usability of the vehicle. The car is equipped with:

  • Pre-collision warning system
  • Automatic front braking
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Lane-keeping assistance
  • Automatic high-beam headlights

What to expect in Pakistan?

A million dollar question! Established auto manufacturers in Pakistan are ill-famed for providing featureless and expensive cars compared to their offerings in other markets. This menace is due to uncompetitive Pakistani market, however, the monopoly is ending soon.

The companies like Hyundai, Renault, Datsun, Isuzu have entered the market while many are in the transition phase.

We are optimistic that Toyota will sense the change and give buyers fully loaded Corolla at a competitive price, otherwise, people will have other options too.

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