This year Toyota has truly revamped its Corolla cars by offering style and efficiency to the consumers. Earlier, the company launched SUV, and non-hybrid variants in the market and now the company has just unveiled a Hybrid version of the Corolla lineup.

The car is globally launched simultaneously in the US and China market while the initial bookings will be offered somewhere in 2020.

In its 53 year history, the company has never offered any hybrid version of the Corolla in any market worldwide. However, sensing the global trend of hybrid vehicles that offers increased mileage, Toyota has come up with a hybrid version that could tackle the likes of upcoming Hyundai Inoiq in Pakistan and other cars.

Note here that Toyota already provides Hybrid Prius internationally which sells like hotcakes due to its great fuel average and durability, though it lacks sleek look especially from the rear.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid comes with Synergy Drive powertrain which is tried and tested in Prius models. With CVT automatic gearbox, it features a 1.8-liter gasoline engine. The specs of the car show that new Corolla hybrid can replace Toyota Grande for good.

As far as the hybrid batteries are concerned, Toyota has innovated state of the art ”technology, “Hyper-Prime Nickel,” that allows the company to place the batteries under the seats instead of the trunk which will surely enhance the performance of the car. Moreover, the new tech will provide better handling and more trunk space to the consumers.

Toyota Corolla is undoubtedly one of the favorite cars of Pakistanis due to its affordable spare parts and comfortable suspensions. Do you want to see this hybrid version launched in our market? Tell us in the comments section below.