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Very few cars share the prestige and stardom like Toyota Supra. Launched in 1978, the car quickly became one of the most favorite sports cars among the cars enthusiasts. It was everywhere, in music videos, video games, and movies. Who doesn’t remember Toyota Supra being featured in films like Fast and Furious and You Only Live Twice?

However, unfortunately, the company decided in 2002 to stop the production of the car due to OBDII inception, new emission control regulations and above all due to expensive cars becoming unprofitable.

The good news is that the Japanese manufacturer has decided to relaunch the car number plate with a revamped design and modern sports engine. Toyota Supra 2020 is now just a few hours away from its official unveiling at Detroit Auto Show.

Although Toyota Supra 2020 was heavily camouflaged, we came to see almost a full car thanks to leaks and the “mistake” committed by the company’s officials in Mexico. A teaser was uploaded on Twitter but quickly deleted.

The exterior of the Toyota Supra 2020 benefits from a bubble roof, side skirts, a five-spoke double spoke and a high-quality braking system. Additionally, the back includes minimalist lights and a spoiler. In addition, it incorporates a large diffuser, a brake light in the central part and a double exhaust system.

toyota supra 2020 design
Image: driving.ca

The interior of the Toyota Supra 2020 resembles many BMW cars. The cabin space is much luxurious with red trimming across the dashboard and the doors. Touch infotainment system, gear shift, and climate controls are all well placed within reach of the driver. No doubt that the car features a modern, and sophisticated yet a sporty interior.

Toyota Supra 2020 has a steel chassis with aluminum details. It enjoys an engine manufactured by BMW that has a direct injection of gasoline, 3.0 liters and six cylinders in line. At the same time, it has a double entry turbo plus the Valvetronic and dual VANOS systems.

This engine is in the BMW Z4, model with which this vehicle shares the modular platform CLAR. At the moment, there is no official information on the performance of this engine in the Toyota Supra 2020. Of course, it is worth comparing that the mentioned Z4 reaches a power of 340 horses with this German powertrain.

The rumored price of Toyota Supra 2020 is $49,990 which is $15000 more than a Mustang GT which produces a 460 horsepower.

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