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Toyota’s New i-Road Concept Car Can Solve The Traffic Issues

Toyota is one of the favorite car manufacturing companies in Pakistan, but would you like to drive this new car from this company that looks completely different? Yes, Toyota has manufactured its three-wheeler concept car namely i-Road.

According to the company, it built this car for solving the traffic-related issues, which are rising on a daily basis. This lightweight car features just one headlight and it is completely different from all the other cars on the road.

Toyota i-Road comes with very slim and attractive doors and they don’t contain any airbags. The width of this car is less than 3 ft while the length is about 7 ft.

Toyota claims that this car can travel up to 31 miles on a single charge, which apparently means you can go to your office and come back to the home by charging the battery of this car for just one time.

The maximum speed of this car is 37 miles per hour and two people can sit on it at a time. For the facilitation of the driver, there is a digital instrument display available in the Toyota i-Road. Moreover, a modern system called Toyota Lens is also available in this car for alerting the driver before any dangerous turn comes on the road.

According to analysts, the Toyota i-Road is the perfect car for solving all the traffic issues because it is capable of passing through a heavy traffic because of its small size.

Presently, the company is testing this concept car on the roads of Japan and France and after the testing period completes, Toyota will decide to launch this vehicle in the market.

Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world. The worldwide sales of its newly launched hybrid vehicles have recently crossed the number of 9 million.

Just recently, a Pakistani guy namely Khurram Aftab introduced Chinese mini smart cars in Pakistan for the price of Rs. 600,000. For attracting the people, the price of the NK Smart Car (that’s what the guy likes to call it) was tagged as Rs. 50,000 on social media, but later, MORE Magazine uncovered its real price and also the amount of electricity it consumes.

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