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People in Pakistan can now enjoy modern mapping services with state-of-the-art GPS navigation and routing. A Karachi-based tracking solutions provider TPL Trakker Ltd has launched first Pakistani location app, called TPL Maps.

You can quickly search the places, roads, and other critical areas by using the smartphone app of TPL Maps. The app is available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. It comes with real-time location tracking services and easy to search options.

A user can create an account and save all the favorite locations and other data inside the app.

Interestingly, TPL Maps shows the entire Kashmir as part of Pakistan, and it says, “Kashmir is ours.”

Key features of TPL Maps.

Keep in mind that this app locates only the local places. You cannot view the detailed maps of the other countries.

Key Features of TPL Maps:

  • Live traffic information.
  • Social media integration.
  • Voice-guided navigation.
  • Download the maps for offline use.

The app uses the GPS to show the directions to any place. TPL Maps app covers over 500 Pakistani cities and 800,000 distinct housing addresses spread over a road network of 280,000 km. Moreover, it also includes 2D models of over 55,000 POIs which will further assist the users to identify and reach their desired location without wasting the time.

You can quickly identify the live traffic by following signs:

  • Red Lines are the symbols of traffic jam in any particular area.
  • Yellow lines show that the traffic is slowly moving in the particular field.
  • Green lines mean that the traffic is running normally.

Mina Locator is another great location tracking app for Muslims!

On the other hand, Pakistan Haj Volunteer Group (PHVG) and the India Fraternity Forum have developed an app for pilgrims who face difficulties in locating their tents and places to stay in Makkah. This app is called Mina Locator, and it is available for every person who visits Mecca.

According to the developers of this app, most of the people who come to perform Haj are elderly. They easily forget the way to their tents and lose their companions. For solving their problems, Mina Locator will play a significant role by locating their tents.

An outlook of Mina Locator app.

In addition to finding the tents, this app also lets the users in searching routes to the Train Stations, Mosques, Hospitals, PHVG Posts and other important locations in Mina with the reference of user’s current location.

The developers also stated that the design of most of the tents look similar to each other, which makes it even tougher for the pilgrims to identify them. Mina Locator is the ultimate solution to this issue.

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