Samsung, one of the leading Android phone makers, has a strong foothold in Pakistan and that too because of the intermittent exciting offers and discounts. This time its the trade-in offer that Samsung Pakistan is giving on its all-new Galaxy Note 9.

As the offer prevails, you can bring in your old Galaxy phone to any selected “Samsung lounge” where it will be assigned a market value after which you’ll only have to pay the difference to get a brand new Galaxy Note 9.

The most exciting thing about this opportunity is that you can enjoy a massive discount of Rs.14,000 along with goodies like a tripod and a wireless charger, on getting your new phone.

Eligible Phones for Trade-in

Your phone has to be a recent flagship to enjoy this trade-in like the Note 8, Note 5, Galaxy S9 and S9+ Galaxy S8 and S8+, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Moreover and obviously, phones from other brands are also not accepted.

Evaluation Slabs

Your old phone will be evaluated in three slabs by its condition. It is ineligible if it has a non-responsive touch, doesn’t turn on, has pixel damage or doesn’t charge.

  • If in pristine and neat condition along with all accessories, your phone will be placed in Slab A and will be assigned the price accordingly.
  • If it has minor dents and scratches, it will make its way to Slab B.
  • Slab C contains phones with body cracks, cracked screen, and minor component replacement

Here is a list of all the eligible phones according to their divided slabs.

Galaxy Note 9 Tade-in

Offer Validity

This offer is valid till December 31, 2018, so hurry up and rush to your nearest Samsung store to avail it in time. You can spot the specific “Samsung Lounge” in your area by following this link.