Traffic Challan in Lahore

How Much a Traffic Callan Costs in Lahore? Do You Know?

We Pakistanis are a rebellious nation, especially when it comes to traffic laws as we love to forget that they even exist. Whether it comes to not wearing helmets or seat belts to show our COOL nature or to break a red light to nourish our daredevil persona, you name it; we’ve got it.

In our country, Motorbike riders break the most traffic laws, but this doesn’t mean that our brave car drivers are less brave in any way. ¬†Alas, our Punjab government saw us rolling, and they hated this fact, leading to their decision of introducing¬†traffic education and safety rules and regulations as a course subject in private and public institutions.

Road safety is one of the biggest issues in Pakistan, leading to many accidents, sometimes with fatal calamities. But more than often we are served with the glorious challan slip by a cruel warden who hates our dangerous vibe.

Do you know that there are around 24 Traffic law violations that result in a penalty in the face of challans? Yes, breaking laws can be quite a burden on your wallet. Well here is a list of violations and their challans in Pakistani rupees that you can be served with while nurturing the daredevil spirit in Lahore:

Traffic Challan Penalties in Lahore

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  1. Though paying fine for violating traffic rules is pretty expensive in developing country like Pakistan, but it is very important to strictly implement the traffic rules. The loss to property and life as a result of traffic rules violations in national terms is very high. A bread earner for the family could be on bed as a result of accident. A little care for traffic rules can save you from paying fine and save you from suffering property/life loss to you. PTI govt is doing job in national interest.

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