Now Traffic Law violators will recieve Penalty Points in Lahore

Traffic law penalty points lahore

As we have previously reported, the City Traffic Police Lahore is introducing a penalty points system in the city to deal with the increasing chaos on the roads.

Instead of just issuing a challan to the traffic law violator, the police will grant various penalty points to the person where the license of the driver will be suspended if he/she fails to mend their ways.

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According to PakWheels, the police will take away the license of the offender if they will record 20 points in the duration of 12 months. Here are a few offenses and their relative points;

  • 3 points for Breaking a signal
  • 2 points for violating One-way traffic rule = 2 points
  • 1 point for Line and Lane

For every one point that will be deducted, the violator will receive a text message on their mobile phones. In cases of repeat offenses, the police will suspend the license of the person for three, six or twenty-four months depending on the number of points.

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The traffic police will also take strict action against the drivers who will be found driving a car during their suspension period. The challan will be sent to the home address of the owner that will also encourage people to report and register the transference of ownership of their automobile.

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