Traffic Police creates more than 40 rickshaw parking stands in Lahore

Parking Stands for rickshaws

For the improvement in the traffic flow and making the people follow the traffic lanes, city traffic police have created parking stands for auto-rickshaws at more than forty important places in Lahore. These places include Liberty, Ichhra, Railway Station, Lari Ada, Thokar Niaz Baig, Model Town, major hospitals and educational institutions.

According to the details, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore, Tayyab Hafeez Cheema has announced that a system is being established to maintain the traffic rules and control the careless auto-rickshaw drivers in the Lahore city. He stated that if separate parking stands are created for the auto-rickshaws, the traffic flow will automatically be controlled.

For this purpose, traffic police set up a camp near Liberty market, where CTO Tayyab Hafeez Cheema, SP Headquarter Imtiaz-ur-Rehman, president of the Public Rickshaw Union Majeed Gauri, and other officers were present.

Even after the launch of the Metro Bus service in Lahore, there are many people who still prefer travelling in the auto-rickshaws. Despite the high rates, people travel in them because auto-rickshaws give them full privacy, and they are available easily at almost any corner of the city.

Even if you want to go to a place which is located at less than one kilometer from your starting point, the drivers of these rickshaws don’t charge you less than Rs. 100.

That is why the business of auto-rickshaws is on the rise, and the roads of the city are full of them. These rickshaws are sometimes the main cause of the accidents because the drivers are mostly non-professional. The CNG cylinders used in most of the rickshaws are also not genuine and sometimes explode, causing injuries to the traveler.

We can say that it is a great step by the city traffic police to control these auto-rickshaws for the safety of the public.

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