Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Tayyab Hafeez Cheema has decided to seal all the driving schools in the provincial capital and to lodge an FIR (First Information Report) against the owners of the driving schools.

According to the details, there are dozens of illegal driving schools in the city. These schools promise to teach the driving in just three to four weeks. After four weeks, these schools permit the person to go and play with his and other people’s lives by driving on the roads.

Due to intense competition in the market, there are schools which even claim to teach driving in just 10 days which is just ridiculous.

People who learn from these driving schools are causing accidents on the roads. Due to very weak knowledge and lack of road sense, they drive carelessly but believe that they can drive on roads without any difficulty on account of being a certificate holder from some silly driving school. But in reality, they just waste their money and time on some unskilled and fake school.

Unfortunately, in the entire city, there are only two registered driving schools that are training the new drivers according to the rule no. 23 mentioned in Punjab’s Motor Vehicle Rules 1969.

For the initial investigation, CTO has posted the names and addresses of 32 driving schools to the DIG Operations.

Recently, the Punjab government decided to impose a heavy fine on the traffic rules violators, which has been increased by PKR 100 regarding motorcycles related traffic rules violations. The teenagers who drive the car or a bike without the license will be charged a fine of PKR 300 to PKR 500.

The government has also approved the Digital Vehicle Registration System. In this system, the software will be connected with the Excise and Taxation Department and it will register the vehicle right at the time of purchase.

What is Rule No.23 in Punjab’s Motor Vehicle Rules 1969?

Rule no. 23 is meant for driving Schools of Monitoring. It is mentioned in Punjab’s Motor Vehicle Rules 1969. According to this, a five-year driving experience is necessary to open a driving school. There should be a Black-Board, a Road plan board with appropriate Toy Signals and charts, a Traffic Signal Chart, and some other mandatory things in the driving school.

All the vehicles in the driving school must be registered in the name of the owner of the driving school, and the vehicles should not be used for personal activities. More importantly, all the vehicles must be well-maintained.

The City Traffic Police will issue the registration certificate to the applicant of the driving school, after completing all the verification.