City Traffic Police Lahore has decided to take stern legal actions against the ongoing trend of using HID lights in vehicles.

The recent development is the continuation of a campaign against traffic violations. Earlier, the government presented country’s first ever National Road Safety Strategy (2018-2030) which will make sure road travel to be safe and as per the international standards.

HID (High-intensity discharge) lights are installed in the headlamps of a vehicle. These lights cause trouble for the traffic coming from the opposite direction and are the reason for many accidents. Moreover, most HIDs’ are of cheap quality and often responsible for a short circuit which causes a fire in the vehicle.

There is a myth in general drivers that use of HID lights always translate into better visibility. However, it’s not true, and we have already busted this myth. When people use HID in regular lights with reflectors, the light disperses in front and blinds the driver coming from the opposite side.

Traffic Police Lahore will be issuing challans to the drivers having HID in the headlamps and can even confiscate the vehicle. The authority must also issue challans to drivers who use high beams in cities. High beam in the car is designed to have proper visibility on rural roads or roads where there is almost no traffic. Most of the drivers in Pakistan use high beams while traveling on city roads and highways, which blinds the driver coming from the opposite direction and is extremely dangerous.