Punjab government in a step towards progressive primary education has decided to include traffic education and safety rules and regulations as a course subject in private and public institutions. Ministry of Education has informed the schools regarding the new policy of educating students about the traffic laws.

The notification from Education Ministry makes it obligatory for both private and public schools to hold a zero period at the time of school assembly to relay the traffic education. In the first phase of the program, teachers selected from every school will be trained in the traffic safety who on mastering the subject will teach it to the students.

Educating the young minds through the inclusion of traffic safety in primary education is a common norm in the developed countries. Children are taught about the importance of obeying the law and informed about the different rules and policies one has to follow on the road.

Every year thousands of lives are claimed in road accidents. People tend to break traffic laws with a little conscience about how it can affect them or others on the road. According to a report issued by UN, road accidents claim 35 lives every day in Pakistan, injuring 13,000 people. Due to poor road safety education Pakistan now stands at 67th position, whereas in 2014 it used to be in the 20th position in terms of road safety.

This new step is a commendable effort by the Punjab government, which can instill the idea of being a law abiding citizen from an early age. Also, in the face of mega scandals in education, some positive efforts have been long overdue. The government is also planning to include tax education in the primary education to promote tax culture in Pakistan and to change the conversation about the people following the law.