How to transfer data from your old iPhone to new iPhone 7

Data transfer from old iPhone

Apple has released its latest iPhone 7 just a few months ago and if you have already purchased this device or are planning to purchase it, one big question that arises in mind is that how will you transfer the data from your old iPhone to the newer one? Although the process is not very difficult, some users get difficulty while transferring their data from their previous iPhone to the new one. In this article, we will explain the entire process of iPhone data transferring, so, have a look!

Using iTunes

Moving the data from an old iPhone to a new one using iTunes is very simple. First, download the latest version of iTunes, and then connect your old iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Start the iTunes app and click on the iPhone symbol from the options list. Select “Backup Now,” a dialogue box will appear, select the option of “Encrypted Backup” and enter your password. If the software asks you to select the backup apps, skip this option. After the backup is completed, safely disconnect your old iPhone from your computer.

Now, plug your new iPhone into the computer using the USB cable, choose “Restore from iTunes backup” option from the menu and then click “Restore from this backup”, select the file of your backup and then enter your password. The backup process will be started as soon as you enter the password.

Using iCloud

If you are a user of Apple’s iCloud service, then it is possible for you to move your data from old iPhone to the new iPhone without using any USB cables. First of all, activate the Wi-Fi in your old iPhone and launch the Settings menu, and hit iCloud. Now, touch Backup-> Backup Now. The system will start the backup process. After the process is completed, turn on your new iPhone and select “Restore” option from the iCloud app. Follow the instructions and enter your password as well.

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