Cybersecurity firms trap hackers using ancient art of military deception

Cybersecurity firms trap hackers

An Israel-based cyber security firm Cymmetria has annoyed the hackers around the world with its proficiency in cyber deception.

Cymmetria tracks a hacker using the ancient art of deception on the battlefield. Just one wrong move can make the hacker caught red-handed.

“Looking at this from the perspective of a military, this particular solution scares us,” says Gadi Evron, the CEO of Cymmetria. “Because it’s the only time we can imagine an attacker actually fearing getting caught.”

The cyber security firm puts decoy server on client’s network with real information and software on them. They also leave passwords and other documents that might lead the hacker to its platform called MazeRunner.

When an attacker come to it and start using it, the decoy server will detect that something is up.

“If they choose the wrong one at any point in time, and they use it, I immediately see them on my decoy,” Evron said. “And I get an alert and all their toolset so I can mitigate them and kick them out.”

Other Cybersecurity firms using similar technologies

Cymmetria is not the only startup which is using such technology. The other startups like TrapX Security Incorporation and Illusive Networks Ltd. also boast the similar technologies to deceive hackers. They also have raised plenty of investment for experimenting and improving this cyber deception method.

With an increase in the cyber security firms tracking hackers, a reduction in cyber crimes is anticipated. This is definitely a good thing for the companies who are trying to protect themselves from the hackers.

“We assume now the attacker is already inside the network,” Evron said. “They only need to succeed once. But the defender has to protect everything, of course, all the time.”

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