Travel from Lahore to Islamabad in PKR 1 with Royal Express

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Royal Express bus service

Note: The following offer is no more active. Royal Express has discontinued its services due to certain reason. If you need another cheaper option to travel to Islamabad, we have covered it here for you.

Now people can travel in a luxurious bus from Lahore to Islamabad in only Rs. 1. Confused? Well, let us assure you it is not a joke. Royal Express, a new luxury bus company whose starting its operation in Pakistan from tomorrow, can offer the cheapest rates for luxury travel.

The fare from Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa start from Rs. 1 to Rs. 200, Rs. 400 and can be maximum of Rs.800. Regular buses including Daewoo bus service takes more than Rs. 1000 to travel from Lahore to Rawalpindi.

The secret to buying an inexpensive ticket, book your seat and purchase the ticket before others. Royal Express is introducing variable fares just like in airlines, where anyone can buy a ticket at Rs. 1 or very low price until the bus is half full.

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Initially, the company is introducing 16 buses where 30 more will where 30 more will be initiated next month. The different features of the buses include:

  • Tray tables
  • Seat Adjustments (adding more space between passengers)
  • Mobile phone charging port
  • Onboard Wi-Fi

Starting from 15th March, the company will also introduce meal selection for passengers where customers can customize the food that they would like to eat while buying a ticket. It will include a burger, pizza slice, fried chicken or snacks or passenger choice.

How to book a Ticket

Has the Royal Express peaked your curiosity yet? Here’s how you can book a ticket and travel with style:

  1. Go to their website
  2. Select your departure, arrival, and date of travel and Click Book Me
  3. Choose your desirable time and pricing
  4. Select the number of seats you require
  5. Confirm your information and pay with credit/debit card, Easypaisa Shop or mobile account

Bus Terminals

In Lahore, the bus terminal is at Rahbar Travel opposite city bus terminal Band road. In Islamabad, one can find their bus from Raja Travels, Faizabad or Peshawar Mor.


The Royal Express venture didn’t go well due to administrative problems and people complaints. Now the cheapest way to travel from Lahore to Islamabad is by QConnect Bus service in collaboration with