Trequant Watch is a Pakistani startup that tracks your tremors

Trequant Watch Pakistan

If you are a tremor patient, you can now track your tremors in a smart way. The Trequant watch is a first wearable device made for tremor patients by Pakistani startups company. You can wear this powerful watch on your hand and keep a record of your tremors and understand them easily.

What is tremor?

Tremor is the shaking of a person’s body that occurs without his will. It can hurt the hands, arms, eyes, face, head, vocal folds, trunk, and legs. Sometimes, shaking is a sign of the presence of another disease. The treatment is possible by the medicines or surgeries.

What is Trequant watch?

A trequant watch is a smart gadget developed by a Pakistani startups company. It lets you track and record your tremors. The device is a wearable watch and comes with an application which you can install on your smartphone.

Wear the Trequant watch on the wrist. The watch silently monitors your tremors and keeps sending it to the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

You can check the tremor record at any time by opening up the application. You can also share the details of your tremors with the other users of the Trequant app; this will help in motivating yourself with challenges.

The unique watch comes with a vibrator, which helps the wearer in reminding the medicine timings.

The company claims that the battery featured inside the watch can last for more than one week when fully charged.

Who created this watch?

The unique and helpful gadget is designed by Fawad, a Pakistani boy who has a unique connection with the tremors; he has a family history of tremors. He designed Trequant watch to help the tremor patients.

A campaign is also going on at the Kickstarter. You can visit this link to promote their project.

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