Twitter Account Blocked
Image Source: Collective Edge

Twitter has announced it has suspended 376,890 accounts since the second half of 2016. The accounts have been spaced over allegations of promotion of terrorism with Twitter reporting these kinds of postings have increased by 60% in the last 6 months.

Twitter introduced new measures to curb violent extremism on its platform in August 2015 and has since blocked a total of 636,248 accounts. Social media has been under criticism in Pakistan as well as globally with the Pakistani government threatening to block social media completely.

The European Union also issued a warning to social media sites Facebook, Alphabet and Twitter to change some of their terms of use or get prepared to face heavy fines. The blocking of such a large number of accounts is a reaction to the demands from governments to block out negativity.

The social media site has reported the requests from governments over user data and other copyright infringements have gone up by 7 percent but the affected accounts have decreased by 13 percent.

Since 2010 Twitter has partnered with a third party research group Lumen to catalog info of the accounts or posts removed. Th company unless they are prevented from doing so they will continue to provide data of such requests made by governments to Lumen so that everybody can see what kind of content was removed and who made the request.


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