Twitter Connect tab suggests who to follow; based on your tweets

Twitter Connect Tab suggestions

Twitter Connect tab is a new feature, available on Twitter’s iOS and Android-based application. The feature lets users get the suggestions on who to follow. Now you don’t need to search manually for the people of your interest to follow on this social networking website.

Twitter Connect tab is an option that displays the recommendations on who to follow, based on the behavior of the users. The people you are already following determine what appears on the Twitter connect tab.

These suggestions are not only based on who the users are already following, but also on his tweets, famous accounts in his area, searching methods, and what is trending right now. Interestingly, The app also shows why it is showing the specific recommendations to the user.

The Connect tab shows a list of some people; you can also view more people by tapping on the “More” button appearing in the tab. At the end of the list, The company shows its own official accounts that you can follow for the assistance.

Twitter product manager, Ricardo Castro wrote in a blog post,

“Finding new accounts to follow used to require jumping through a few hoops and a dash of luck. That’s why we’ve reimagined the experience with our new Connect tab. Starting today, you’ll see a detailed list of people and accounts we think you’ll enjoy following, all easily accessible in one place.”

How to access Twitter Connect tab?

Connect tab is available on the latest version of Twitter’s iOS and Android-based app. For the time being, the service is not available on other platforms. To access the tab on iOS, hit the human-like icon with the plus symbol on the upper-left corner. On Android, you can see this icon on the options list. According to a source, Twitter is currently working to improve this feature.

Twitter has 332 million active users and is the second largest social networking service after Facebook.

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