After being in the spotlight for Paradise papers and Russian propaganda, harassment and Donald Trump, the social media company has decided to do something entirely different, increase the character limit of the tweets.

In September 2017, the company announced that it is testing the 280 character limit by selecting a small sample of users who will test the feature before Twitter decides to make it official.

Aliza Rosen the Product Manager of Twitter said; “This change was made after listening and observing a problem in our global community analyzing data, trying it out, and listening to various feedback. We’ll continue listening and working to make Twitter easier for everyone while making sure we keep what you love.”

In the test run, however, people did not take any advantage of the revised Twitter character limit. According to data published by the social media company 9% of tweets in English hit the original 140-character limit but only 1% of tweets with the extended character count i.e. 280 characters hit the limit.

Twitter statistics Chart
Twitter Test Run Statistics Chart

People responded to this change by protesting via tweets:

Twitter is not just any social media platform, it is the one used most frequently to spread a news, protest or sharing views after a political showdown etc.

Either it’s a change in the right direction or not only time can tell but for now, the company is sticking to the 280 character limit.

It is also worth noting that the extended character limit is not applicable to a few languages like Chinese, Korean and Japanese sites as “character cramming” is less common in those languages.

Earlier this year the social media company also introduced a lite version of its app which consumes lesser data than the original mobile app.

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