Twitter introduces a new way to block harassment, online bullies on its app

Twitter Mute features

To protect its users from the harassment and online bullies, Twitter has made several changes to its “Mute” feature for notifications. The company will soon allow its users to mute any keyword or phrase, which they don’t want to see on their Twitter account.

In a blog post, the company said, “We honor our role in protecting your right to speak freely and our collective responsibility to human dignity.” The new feature will be available to all the Twitter users, very soon, and the company has also confirmed it.

It is important to mention here that the mute feature will work only for the notifications and you will still see the blocked words in your searches. You will be able to mute the phrases or words of up to 140 characters. If you mute any word, its hashtag would also be muted. For example, if you mute the word “song,” the hashtag #song would also be muted. Also, the app will allow you to unmute the phrase later.

Below, we have mentioned the process of blocking the words or phrases on Twitter.

For iOS

Go to the “Notifications” tab and tap on the gear icon. Then hit Muted Words-> Add muted word or phrase. A box will appear, then you can type the words that you want to block. After you have done entering the words, simply tap the “Save” button and then touch “Done.”

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For Android

Go to the Notifications tab->All, tap “Mute Words” and touch the “Plus” icon. Then, type the words that you want to block and tap the “Save” button.

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