Twitter introduces longer tweets with optimized user experience

Twitter finally suspends character limit

Twitter, the leading social networking website has finally ended its 140 character limit in tweets, allowing the users to add emojis, photos, videos, GIFS, and polls without worrying about the 140 characters limit. Although there is still a limit on the text, the elements you add to the tweets no longer count toward your 140 characters.

The company made this announcement in a tweet.

Twitter users were waiting for the longer tweets option that has arrived. Earlier last year, the company had announced a plan of enhancing character limit to 10,000, but it backfired due to users outcry on social media.

Moreover, the company is also testing out a new feature that will omit the username of the person you are replying to from the character limit. Meaning, it will not count the username of a person in the character limit. However, if you respond to more than one person, it’ll omit the individual who sent the original tweet from its character count. There is a chance that the company will launch an option to post tweets with longer text.

In the recent times, Twitter has been trying hard to lure more users by introducing new features. Earlier it added polls option and then “Live Streaming” for everyone.  Live Streaming button connects you to the Periscope, a service which lets you broadcast live videos to the world. It is being dubbed as a new trend since more than 2.3 million people watched NFL on Twitter live stream.

In addition to this, the process of verifying the accounts has also been simplified. The new process of verifying the accounts is comparatively faster, and many people now get a green badge with their account easily.

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