Twitter Lite Version

Twitter is following Facebook introducing a faster version of its mobile service. Facebook had introduced Facebook Lite back in 2015.

The Lite version intends to target emerging markets where users do not have access to very high internet speeds. The new version is looking to provide users with an alternate fewer data consuming mobile service outside the United States.

Twitter’s Lite version will not be a separate mobile application but will instead be usable in a web browser. The social media site has however said that the web-based site will look almost exactly similar to the mobile app.

The company has not able to expand its user base as much as Facebook, which has a consumer base of 1.9 million in contrast to Twitter’s 319 million users per month. With the introduction of the stories feature and the new rocket icon, Facebook is now looking to further strengthen its customer base.

The social media site’s Vice President has said that the fewer users are due to the fact that Twitter’s service consumes way too much data. It is reported that the new site will consume 40% lesser data and up to¬†70% if a data saving feature is enabled.

According to Twitter, with the introduction of lite version it will be looking to enhance user base in countries like India, Brazil and Philippines.


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