Twitter rolls out Independence Day emoji for Pakistanis

Independence Day of Pakistan Emoji on Twitter

Just two days before 14 August, Twitter has introduced a special emoji for the Independence Day of Pakistan. You may use any hashtag related to Pakistan’s independence, and it’ll start showing in there.

The independence day emoji is composed of a Pakistani flag, moon, star, and Minar-e-Pakistan. You can view this emoji by searching the hashtag #Pakistan, #PakistanZindabad, #PKIndependenceDay or #AzadiMubarak.

What is an emoji?

An emoji is a sign that is issued on the major occasions and events, usually symbolizes happiness. Emojis is the symbols that are used on the social networking platforms for expressing the emotions like smiling, laughing, anger, etc.

Last year, WhatsApp rolled out Pakistani Flag emoji on Pakistan’s independence day. Now, another popular social network has rolled out an emoji for our special day, which is being appreciated by Pakistani tweeps.

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