twitter verified account

Twitter is going to make it easier for the users to get the coveted blue mark next to their name. The company will soon have an official way for users to request a verified account through an online application.

This is for the first time when Twitter has implemented a simplified way for users to ask for a verified account. The new application process will start from the U.S. and will be available to the rest of the world in next few days.

Though the procedure for verified accounts is changed, the actual requirements for becoming verified are still the same. The verified accounts are usually of public interest and include accounts maintained by public figures, organizations and personalities related to politics, journalism, television, entertainment, sports, business, religion, brands and other key interests.

Requirements for becoming verified

The details and accounts requirements to be verified are thoroughly mentioned on Twitter’s new support page. In addition to being of public interest, the verification includes a confirmed contact number, email address, birthday, website, biography, and profile photo.

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Twitter also requests that users provide supporting URLs that prove account holders’ newsworthiness and relevance in their field. The whole procedure almost takes 30 days. If the company denies verified account request, it can be re-submitted after fixing the glitches pointed out by the service provider.


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