Twitter is looking to introduce a new feature showing you which news you might be interested in. The company is tight-lipped about the whole scenario as no public release date has been provided.

“We’re continuing to experiment with new ways to surface the best and most relevant content for people on Twitter,” a company spokesperson told reporters.

Facebook released a new rocket icon a few weeks back that lets users access suggested content from sites and people they do not follow. Facebook said the feature had been introduced as the social media site was criticized because of not providing users the option to content outside the pages or people they follow.

Previously, Twitter provided the users with missed tweets in between the news feed and also recommended people they could follow. It is suggested the new addition will provide the users with best tweets that summarize important news events.

It may also generate content on your news feed based on your previous conversations and trending news. An important question raised by experts is that whether or not Twitter will suggest these news based on sponsored content.

Nonetheless, the feature is a worthy addition for Twitter’s already large fan base as it will help the new users to find relevant content easily.


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