That Awkward Moment when Twitter suspended its CEO’s account

Twitter CEO account was suspended

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was suspended from his account yesterday. The irony of the situation got the whole community in a whirlwind. Dorsey later stated that the spectacle was a mistake but many people believe that something else was at play.

The company has been a part of many controversies over not respecting the freedom of speech. The microblogging site can suspend accounts when users flag them or when the company deems them to be sending spam or abusive tweets. The company also suspends accounts that it detects have been hacked or compromised.

Recently the company has been more active with suspending accounts of all people who violate their user rules and has also taken a tough stance on the usage of its data. Many suggest that suspension was due to a hacking attempt at the CEO, as social media accounts of tech executives have always been a prime target for hackers.

Whatever the circumstances of the suspension were, Jack’s unfortunate situation didn’t stop the online community to see the joke and they responded in the best way possible, hilarious tweets.

It was life-shattering news for some while others got down to speculation business.


While others were simply happy to get more followers than Jack, even if it wasn’t meant to be forever.

Eventually, the CEO responded to all the concerned parties in his tweet.

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